Steve Dimengo

Ohio State Bar Association Taxation Committee Sales and Use Tax Subcommittee Report

As co-chairs of the Ohio State Bar Association Sales / Use Tax Subcommittee, here is a link to the report Steve and Rich presented at the January 7, 2016 Taxation Committee meeting. Of particular interest is the recent Ohio Supreme Court case that held officers can contest procedurally defective corporate assessments. If you have any question regarding the subcommittee report or any sales / use... Read More

Third Annual Northeast Ohio State and Local Tax Conference Provides Invaluable Updates on the Current State of Ohio and Multistate Taxes

The third annual Northeast Ohio State and Local Tax Conference was held on November 12, 2015 in Independence, Ohio. Matt Chafin, Chief Legal Counsel for the Ohio Department of Taxation, led off the Conference with an Ohio Tax Update, providing valuable insight to the Department of Taxation’s posture and recent initiatives. Chafin is the highest-ranking... Read More

Ohio Use Tax Alert

OHIO USE TAX ALERT!!  Ohio Department of Taxation to Increase Focus on Consumer’s Use Tax.  Ohio businesses have tremendous exposure to Ohio use tax., especially those still lacking a use tax account. It’s time for a low-cost use tax check-up  Our professionals are experienced in reducing or even eliminating use tax exposure. Click here to... Read More