bright-line residency test

Ohio Tax Legislative Update – Taxpayers’ direct right of appeal reinstated, bright-line residency amended, and oil & gas exemption clarified

Direct Right of Appeal to Ohio Supreme Court reinstated   Governor Kasich signed Sub. H.B. 292 on June 14, 2018 reinstating the right of Ohio taxpayers to appeal many decisions of the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals (“BTA”) directly to the Ohio Supreme Court. This is a victory for Ohio taxpayers as it will reduce... Read More

Ohio Income Tax: An Individual May Now Spend Up to 7 Months In Ohio, But Still Be Taxed As A Nonresident Under the Bright-Line Residency Test

Qualifying as a nonresident for Ohio income tax purposes, which can significantly reduce tax owed on investment and business income, has gotten easier. Ohio residents are taxed on all their income, subject to a resident credit for income taxed by other states. Conversely, nonresidents are only taxed on their Ohio-sourced income. For a nonresident, pension... Read More