Join us for Buckingham’s Ohio Use Tax Exposure Deadline Approaching: Your Best 30 Minute Investment Webinar

Steve Dimengo and Rich Fry invite you to join them on Monday, June 24th for the Webinar Ohio Use Tax Exposure Deadline Approaching: Your best 30 minute investment. During this Webinar, Steve and Rich will provide up-to-date commentary and answer your questions concerning Ohio use tax and the Department of Taxation’s Use Tax Education Program, while offering suggestions for minimizing your past and future Ohio use tax liability.

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Our January 24, 2011 Tax Alert advised you that the Ohio Department of Taxation is cracking down on the estimated 300,000-plus Ohio businesses that do not file Ohio use tax returns. In April, we followed up with a Podcast Interview sponsored by LexisNexis® Tax Law Community discussing Ohio use tax, reporting, compliance and enforcement issues.  Our cutting edge, news breaking information regarding Ohio state taxes and, specifically, Ohio’s Use Tax initiative has already helped many Ohio businesses. However, even after reading our Tax Alert and listening to our Podcast Interview, you may still have questions such as, What is subject to Ohio use tax? What caused my Ohio use tax liability? Can my liability be reduced? What are the advantages of participating in Ohio’s voluntary disclosure program? This is the chance to get your questions answered.