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Ohio Use Tax Webinar

Steve and Rich discuss the Ohio Use Tax Amnesty Program contained in the latest version of the Ohio Budget Bill and its effect on the Department of Taxation’s Use Tax Education Program, as well as several Ohio use tax exemptions that may your business may able to take advantage of. Click here to view the... Read More

Join us for Buckingham’s Ohio Use Tax Exposure Deadline Approaching: Your Best 30 Minute Investment Webinar

Steve Dimengo and Rich Fry invite you to join them on Monday, June 24th for the Webinar Ohio Use Tax Exposure Deadline Approaching: Your best 30 minute investment. During this Webinar, Steve and Rich will provide up-to-date commentary and answer your questions concerning Ohio use tax and the Department of Taxation’s Use Tax Education Program,... Read More

Ohio Use Tax Audits of Unregistered Businesses Temporarily on Hold

The Ohio Department of Taxation, Audit Division recently put purchase audits (i.e., Ohio use tax audits) of unregistered busiinesses temporarily on hold. For these purposes, an unregistered business is a business that did not have an Ohio use tax account at any time during the audit period. Likewise, refund claims for sales tax paid to... Read More

IRS Releases Settlement Guidelines on Treatment of Corporate SALT Incentives

By: Jon R. Stefanik II On March 2, 2011, the Internal Revenue Service released a heavily redacted Appeals Settlement Guidelines document (the “Guidelines”) addressing the federal tax treatment of a corporation’s receipt of state and local tax (“SALT”) incentives to induce it to expand, maintain or relocate its facilities.  The Guidelines are available here. Under... Read More


Any Ohio business not consistently filing an Ohio use tax return is exposed to an Ohio Department of Taxation (“Department”) investigation. If any of the following apply, and you do not regularly file an Ohio use tax return, immediate action is required: Purchases from non-Ohio vendors that do not collect Ohio sales tax; Taxable purchases... Read More

Ohio’s Business Tax Climate Ranked In the Bottom Five by The Tax Foundation

Annually, The Tax Foundation ranks the 50 states according to how friendly their tax climate is to businesses. A friendly tax climate can be especially beneficial in difficult economic times, like the present, by attracting new business to the state thereby creating economic and job growth. “Taxes matter to business. Business taxes affect business decisions,... Read More

Caution: Appealing to the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals

Again and again, we see taxpayers lose their right to appeal assessments issued by the Ohio Department of Taxation due to clerical and administrative errors.  The requirements to perfect an appeal to the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals (BTA) are “finicky” to say the least, and taxpayers are not afforded any leniency in this regard. ... Read More

Ohio Board of Tax Appeals Budget Cut By 42%

In the budget enacted by Ohio’s General Assembly for the 2010 and 2011 biennium, the amount appropriated to the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals (“BTA”) was reduced by 41.9% from the BTA’s actual FY 2009 expenditures.  As a result, the BTA was forced to reduce its staff, including cutting its attorney examiners in half.  The... Read More

Ohio Department of Taxation Increasing Audit Staff

As provided for in the current state budget, the Department is hiring approximately 100 “revenue producing employees,” most of which are expected to be auditors.  The Department’s goal is to have these new employees largely in place and trained by mid-2010, hopefully resulting in an increase in revenue for fiscal year 2011.  This influx of... Read More