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Beer Drinkers Rejoice: Buckingham scores victory for Ohio bars confirming that preventative maintenance for draft beers systems is not subject to Ohio sales tax.

The Ohio Board of Tax Appeals (BTA) ruled in favor of Great Lakes Bar Control, Inc. (“Great Lakes”) that maintaining draft beer dispensing services are not subject to Ohio sales tax. Great Lakes Bar Control, Inc. v. Testa, BTA Case No. 2016-34 (Apr. 14, 2017). Great Lakes was represented by Buckingham attorneys Steve Dimengo, Matt... Read More

Crain’s Cleveland – Ohio tax changes on the horizon, sales tax to become even more significant. Is your business maximizing available exemptions and incentives?

Buckingham attorneys Steven A. Dimengo and Richard B. Fry III explain Ohio tax changes on the horizon with sales tax to become even more significant. Gov. Kasich’s quest to lower the Ohio personal income tax rate continues in his latest proposed biennium budget, even in the face of Ohio’s tax revenue falling short of estimates. If... Read More

Ohio Commercial Activity Tax Bright-line Nexus Constitutional-What to do now?

The Ohio Supreme Court recently held that the bright-line presence nexus standard for Ohio Commercial Activity Tax (“CAT”) does not violate the U.S. Constitution. Many taxpayers have pending audits or appeals at the Board of Tax Appeals regarding this nexus issue. What should these and other CAT taxpayers do now? First, it is expected the... Read More

Ohio Income Tax: Dividends from accumulated C corporation earnings retain their character and are non-taxable to nonresident shareholders.

The Ohio Supreme Court encountered a relatively unique situation in Giddens v. Testa, 2016-Ohio-8412. The two shareholders of Redneck, Inc., who resided in Missouri, received large dividends in 2008, at which time Redneck was taxed as an S corporation. However, the taxpayers showed the dividends were Redneck’s earnings and profits from when the corporation was... Read More

Ohio Sales & Use Tax: Digital Advertising Recognized as Nontaxable, but HB 466 Falls Short of Comprehensive Solution to Taxing on Services Delivered Online.

As we previously posted, the Ohio Department of Taxation has taken an extremely expansive view of taxable electronic information services (EIS). Per the Department, EIS essentially includes any services delivered via telecommunications equipment, including the Internet. With technological advances, the number of services delivered electronically has grown exponentially, which clearly could not have been anticipated... Read More

Ohio CAT: BTA Predictably Upholds Ohio’s Bright-Line Nexus Standard in Two Cases Despite Lack of Physical Presence

The Ohio BTA has released two nearly identical opinions upholding commercial activity tax (CAT) assessments on retailers lacking an Ohio physical presence. In Newegg Inc. v. Testa, Ohio BTA, No. 2012-234 (2/26/2015) and Crutchfield, Inc. v. Testa, Ohio BTA, No. 2012-926, 2012-3068, and 2013-2021 (2/26/2015), the retailers met the bright-line presence standard by having more... Read More

Will Governor’s Kasich’s Proposed Budget Significantly Increase the Tax Burden on Ohio Businesses?

Governor Kasich’s tax policy since taking office has been clear – lowering the income tax burden, especially for small business owners, will increase Ohio’s attractiveness to businesses. So, it is not surprising that the 2016 – 2017 budget proposal includes an over 20% reduction in the Ohio income tax rate and completely exempts income from... Read More

Buckingham’s SALT Published in Crain’s Cleveland Business

This article was originally published in Crain’s Cleveland Business, available at: Ohio tax incentives, savings for small, midsize businesses: Critical planning opportunities By STEVEN A. DIMENGO, RICHARD B. FRY III and CASEY J. DAVIS 4:30 am, March 22, 2015 Exciting tax savings are immediately available to Ohio businesses and their owners without substantially changing... Read More

Nexus Around the Nation

With 2015 underway, here is a review of recent nexus developments around the nation. New Jersey – The New Jersey Division of Taxation issued a technical bulletin to expound the recent enactment of click-through nexus. J.S.A. 54:32B-2(i)(1) was amended to create a rebuttable presumption that remote sellers are engaged in solicitation in New Jersey, and... Read More